Professional IT Testing Services
Specialising in High Quality Performance Testing Services since 2007

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Athena WMS Test Framework
Speed Up JDA WMS Performance Test Phases and Increase Testing Effectiveness

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Risk Based Testing
Prioritised testing on highest risks to your success

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JDA WMS Test Accelerator
Speed Up JDA WMS Performance Test Phases and Increase Testing Effectiveness

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VR-Tek offers a range of high-quality professional testing services to suit a wide variety of requirements and budget

Performance Engineering

Let us apply our best-practice performance engineering principles to improve the maturity of your development and testing process, shift performance testing left, identify root cause performance issues and minimise the risk of issues reaching Production

Performance Testing Services

Helping you with every stage of the performance testing process, from planning to testing/tuning and reporting.

Test Strategy Development

We can develop a Performance Test Strategy that is tailored to your development and delivery processes.

Strategic Review and Health Check

An audit of your current performance testing strategy to highlight what is working well and what could be improved.

Test Tool Evaluation

We can help you overcome short-term resourcing issues by providing highly skilled test professionals to work within your teams to help you deliver on time.

Outsourcing Validation

To ensure that your performance test providers are held to account in providing value for money and that their testing is planned, built, executed and reported accurately and effectively.


We offer a range of training courses – from introductory to more advanced performance testing techinques.

Why Choose Us?

Since our formation in 2007, VR-Tek has been providing high quality performance testing services to a wide range of clients in a variety of industry verticals.

Our services range from supplying highly capable Performance Test Engineers to conducting performance testing on your behalf all the way through to Test Strategy development and Quality Assurance services to review the effectiveness of your outsourced testing services provider. We are able to work within any development methodology, from Waterfall to Agile using any of the commonly used performance test tools.

Our approach is based on our core ethics of professionalism, openness, integrity, honesty and flexibility. We have a solid reputation as evidenced by our satisfied customers and repeat business.

We capitalise on our background in software & systems engineering and IT and apply this expertise to develop focused performance tests to ensure your systems satisfy their Non-Functional Requirements and are capable of coping with the next peak in usage.

Exceptional Track Record

Our consultants have consistently proven themselves with many prestige clients in a range of different industry verticals. This continues to be borne out by the amount of repeat business we win with these clients.


For further information or to discuss how we can help you, please get in touch.